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 Privacy Policy


At MY Tour Plan, we place the utmost importance on ensuring your security and protecting your privacy. To achieve this, we have implemented robust encryption measures and have stringent policies in place to govern the handling of your Personal Information. Our primary objective in gathering and securely storing your data is to enhance your overall convenience, continually improve the quality of our services, and operate our business efficiently.

Our commitment to transparency means that we are upfront about the types of information we collect, the reasons behind collecting it, and we empower you to have control over your own data. You can rest assured that we do not engage in any promotional or advertising communications without first obtaining your explicit consent. Furthermore, we have a strict policy against monetizing your personal information by selling it or renting it to any third-party entities.

This dedication to safeguarding your privacy is deeply ingrained in our company's mission. We believe in preserving the timeless value of privacy and ensuring that you, as our valued user, maintain full control over your personal data. We understand that trust is not easily earned, and we are committed to working tirelessly to earn and retain your trust.

Understanding Personal Information:

"Personal Information" refers to any information, media, or material linked to an individual or organization, which can be used to identify that individual or organization. This includes but is not limited to names, email addresses, credit card numbers, and other details specific to a person or entity. When you interact with our platforms, you may voluntarily provide Personal Information, and we may collect certain data automatically based on your interactions. We may also receive Personal Information related to you from third parties. You are not required to provide Personal Information when browsing our platforms unless you intend to access services that necessitate such information. 

Types of Personal Information Collected and Purposes:

a) Information you voluntarily provide:

When you engage with our platforms and utilize our services, there are instances where you willingly share Personal Information with us. This act of voluntary disclosure occurs when you interact with our customer service team, integrate our services with external websites or services, or engage in any form of interaction with us. This Personal Information can encompass a wide range of data, including Personally Identifiable Information, Transactional Information, Accounting Information, and other details pertinent to your engagement with our platforms.

• Personally Identifiable Information: This category may encompass details such as your name, contact information (including email addresses and phone numbers), and passwords. These details serve various purposes, including facilitating reservations, assisting with customer support inquiries, and suggesting features on our platform that may enhance your experience. We may also use this information to communicate important updates, offer additional services, and promote our various offerings.

• Transactional Information: This category pertains to financial information, booking details, transaction history, and similar data associated with your activities on our platforms. These details are crucial for processing, confirming, and maintaining records of your reservations and transactions. They also help keep you informed about the status of each transaction and contribute to the maintenance of our accounting records.

• Accounting Information: This type of information encompasses a broad range of data, including travel-related specifics, transaction records, booking history, and taxation details. This data is instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of your travel plans, allowing us to keep you updated on the status of your reservations, and maintaining comprehensive accounting records.

All the information you voluntarily provide plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless and personalized experience on our platforms. We use this data to enhance your convenience, offer dedicated customer support, and suggest platform features that align with your preferences, keep you informed about important updates, and extend our service offerings to cater to your needs. Additionally, we may utilize this information for promotional purposes to inform you about services or features that align with your interests and preferences.

(b) Information we collect automatically:

In addition to the data you voluntarily provide, we also gather certain information automatically as you interact with our platforms and utilize our services. This automatic data collection occurs through the use of cookies and similar technologies, which allow us to track various aspects of your online activity. Here's a closer look at the types of information we collect through this automatic process: 

• Domain and Host Information: We may collect data related to the domains and hosts from which you access our platforms. This information helps us understand the sources of our platform's traffic.

• Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses: Your IP address is another piece of information we capture automatically. It provides insight into your device's location on the internet and serves multiple purposes, including identifying and authenticating your connection.

• Device Details: We gather details about the device you use to access our platforms, such as the type of device, operating system, browser version, browser plug-ins, and other relevant information. This information aids in optimizing your user experience based on your device's specifications.

• Browsing Activities: We track your activities while browsing our platforms, including the pages you visit, the duration of your visits, and the actions you take. This data is valuable for analyzing user behavior and making improvements to our platform's layout and functionality.

• Anonymous Site Statistical Data: We collect statistical data about our site anonymously, which includes aggregated information about user interactions, preferences, and trends. This aggregated data helps us gain insights into how users engage with our platforms.

The information gathered automatically through these means serves several essential purposes:

• Tracking: We use this data to track user behavior, monitor the effectiveness of our services, and gain insights into how visitors navigate our platforms.

• Authentication: Some of this information, such as IP addresses, is utilized for authentication purposes to ensure the security of your interactions with our platforms.

• Preferences: We use certain data to remember your preferences and settings, providing you with a more personalized and seamless experience.

• Analysis: By analyzing trends and user behavior, we can continually improve our platforms, ensuring they align with user expectations and needs.

• Enhancing User Experience: The insights gained from this data help us enhance the overall user experience, making our platforms more user-friendly and efficient.

The automatic collection of information through cookies and similar technologies allows us to better understand our users, tailor our platforms to their preferences, and continually refine our services to meet their expectations.

Sharing of Personal Information:

We may disclose your Personal Information toService providers: We share your Personal Information with travel service providers and third parties to fulfill your travel arrangements.

• Government Tax Authorities: We provide transactional and accounting information as required by taxation laws and government authorities.

• Law & Authority: We may disclose your Personal Information when legally required or necessary for national security, law enforcement, public interests, enforcement of terms and conditions, or protection of rights.

• Others: In the event of restructuring, merger, or sale, we may transfer collected Personal Information.

Security Measures:

We take the security of your Personal Information seriously. Our platforms use encryption for data protection during transit. Certain data is stored in encrypted form, and strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements govern data use.

Updating and Retaining Information:

You can keep your Personal Information accurate, complete, and up to date by accessing your account. We retain your information as long as your account is active or as required for legal obligations, dispute resolution, abuse prevention, and agreement enforcement.

Password Security:

Protect your password and sensitive data. Create strong, unique passwords, and avoid sharing them. Be cautious of phishing attacks. MY Tour Plan will never ask for your password in any communication.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or concerns not addressed by this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Policy Updates:

In our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of privacy and data protection, we conduct regular reviews of our Privacy Policy. These reviews may result in updates or revisions to the policy, and we want to convey the following statement regarding these updates:

"Our Privacy Policy undergoes periodic reviews to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. These updates can occur at any time and take immediate effect upon publication. We strongly encourage our users to take responsibility for staying informed about the latest version of our Privacy Policy. The version date displayed prominently at the top of this Privacy Policy signifies the most recent iteration, which is deemed both valid and authentic. It is essential for users to regularly check for policy updates to maintain awareness of our current privacy guidelines and practices."